Place Profile entry chosen for the Golden Overall Mention for Dupont Underground

Place Profile entry to the Dupont Underground international design competition has been chosen for the Golden Mentions award

19th April 2021

Laura Argentieri and Ming Cheng from Place Profile, together with Francesca Heathcote-Sapey from Teresa Sapey + Partners and Ivana Sirovica from HS2 has been selected as a Golden Overall Mention in the international design competition for the remodelling of Dupont Circle in Washington DC, United States of America, organised by Dupont Underground.

The Studio_FILM team’s entry, PIXEL, is selected among 100 entries and was ranked higher than local entries and other design teams from Argentina, China, Italy and New Zealand.

At the macro level, the Rethinnk Dupont Circle competition aims to speculate how Dupont Circle, situated in a neighbourhood rich in history influenced by diplomacy, policy, culture and the arts, can be transformed into a contemporary urban space for the city. At the micro level, we were asked to design the space over the main entry stair to the Dupont Underground as well as its immediate surroundings.

Studio_FILM’s entry, titled PIXEL, envisions the area as a series of gathering spaces connected by paths, rather than a network of paths that all meet in the central public square. These linked public spaces will be enhanced by the promotion of cycling and walking and decorated with temporary public art installations.

Heathcote-Sapey said they were thrilled to be shortlisted among a long list of entries. “The four of us met at The Bartlett and worked together while in London, we then went our separate way back to Spain, the US and the UK but managed to stay in touch. We always wanted to work together, and this competition was the perfect opportunity.”

Argentieri said: “The PIXEL concept amplifies Dupont Circle as a space for democratic expression by fostering social interaction and defines Dupont Underground entrance as a landmark that engages visitors and draws attention to the area.”

The Dupont Underground is a non-profit, cultural organization committed to developing multidisciplinary platforms for contemporary art and design. It occupies a long-abandoned 75,000 square foot subterranean streetcar station under Dupont Circle and has become a venue for creative exchange and ongoing conversation about the future of the District of Columbia.

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